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From the desk of our founder,
ATTENTION: Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Developers…

Do you know what truly
separates Top Realtors
from all the rest?

Continuous effort, reliable leads, consistent referrals, incredible top of mind presence, and a stunning marketing strategy is what separates the best of the best from the average agent.

Branding and marketing are not just a luxury anymore, they are a necessity if you truly want to stand out and/or keep your reign on the throne.

And often times it is not ‘what’ or ‘how’ that solves this need… it’s WHO’...

It's Brand My Agent™.

Why us and not anyone or anything else?

Well, simply because…

We understand that in Real Estate,
relationships are everything

From getting new clients and listings to repeat business and referrals, people want to work with a  real estate professional they like and trust. But how do you excel from the rest? Don’t hesitate, the answer is right ahead!

Hello, I’m Oswaldo Gutierrez, founder and CEO of Brand My Agent™, an experienced team full of talented marketing experts 100% focused on helping real estate professionals to build powerful and recognizable real estate brands. 

At Brand My Agent™, our clients can count on getting a consistent $50,000 to $300,000 and more per month in GCI from our advertising efforts! Some of our real estate rockstars are making even WAY MUCH more than the numbers mentioned above.

Our system is a total success, and more agents and realtors are discovering us and looking forward to start working with us.

By now, you must be wondering… How is this even possible? Well, that’s what we do, we deliver results, month by month, without relying on outdated marketing tactics that simply don’t work in today’s market. Our continued effort is what shows results in form of profits y ROI for every single of our clients

What truly makes us stand out from other “agencies” or “marketing solutions” available to real estate pros today is that we are completely focused on the bottom line, delivering results that increase your brand perception, win you market cap, and earn you real, measurable results.

It all comes down to results, that’s the only way we do business.

Either we bring you an ROI–or we don’t get paid.

When we choose to work with a new prospect, we’re not interested in the usual “transactional” service model, instead we do partnership. We only get paid once you’re getting results a.k.a money and believe me, our team is very, very good at doing that.

Think about the relief and motivation it would bring you to know that your marketing team is as invested in your business as you are… Wouldn’t it be completely energizing working alongside people that actually ‘get’ your business and understand the value of relationships as much as you do?

Relationships are everything in real estate, and we are aware of it.

If you want to learn more about how we've worked with some of the best in the industry to help them produce millions of dollars in return and also hear from these same satisfied clients how happy they are with our delivered results, watch our case study video below.

Also, we will will make your brand the go-to choice in your area, no matter who you’re competing against thanks to the way we give you “God-like omnipresence” across all social platforms, email, text & retargeting Ads.

And if you’re ready to learn more about the Brand My Agent™ system, and how we can tailor it together to bring in explosive returns for your business, schedule a call with me or my team by submitting your email below:

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We know you’re a little more convinced to work along with us. We'll boost your brand, gain trust of actual and new customers, and help you reach the high-end market naturally and effectively. We’re committed to helping you get more listings, sales, and commissions than you’ve ever thought possible, so, what are you waiting for?

What You’ll Get
When Partnering With
Brand My Agent™

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Access to years of combined real estate marketing experience.

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“God-like omnipresence” across the platforms your clients are already using and paying attention to scientific testing and refinement of ads, doing what works in your market and discarding the rest.

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Not just transactional marketing, but real estate focused advertisement.

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A powerful brand you can be proud of.

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Genuine trust and engagement from the best prospects in your local area.

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A world-class website and social media presence guaranteed to put your brand high above any so-called competition (this alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars or more, and will make you stand out to high end buyers and sellers).

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A 100% risk-free guarantee on everything we do. We don’t get paid unless we make you money.

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Immediate action and results that only get better with time as we get to know your business and your market.

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A real partnership with a team that is as invested in your success as you are.

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Upwards of $50,000 to $300,000 of commission revenue per month, or more.

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The satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re partnered with the absolute best in the industry.

Why is partnering with us
the best choice?

Today’s market is hot, and that means competition. What separates you from anyone else offering real estate services in your area?

Even if you can answer this question, there’s a good chance that many of your prospects can’t. If they view your services as a commodity, they will only be willing to pay and choose their realtor accordingly. This is where businesses go to die, or stagnate at best.

And if you’re worried about the low inventory… Take in mind that, every minute you spend complaining that inventory is nowhere to be found, is a minute you could’ve spent propelling your brand to reach out to interested sellers to fill up your inventory .

Successful branding gets you out of this hustle-and bustle and propels you to be on top of your market, starting in the mind of any interested prospect, and helping you become the natural choice for the best buyers and sellers in your area. 

Successful branding and marketing is what separates the best from all the rest, especially in the eyes of the luxury home market. The top 0.1% is where the life-changing wealth is made, and I will help you get there.

Book a call with us today. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and it might be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

Be great,

– Oswaldo Gutierrez
Founder & CEO